Hello From Heroless Games | Our new indie game studio is here and providing informative articles on the game development process. It also includes devlog updates for Project Bellator, our debut title currently in progress - woohoo! Click through to meet us and check out our cyber-roman fighting game.

We’re glad you stopped by to meet us here at Heroless Games!

Seems like …we love em’. Heroless Games started as a vague fantasy from a couple (Matt + Meg) that shared a love of video games… and each other. Matt was a game programmer that had been working in the video game industry on AAA titles since 2008. Meg was a graphic designer with a professional background in digital marketing and business administration. Sometimes we spend weekends creating video games, sometimes we kick back with a pizza and play them instead. Need that work+life balance right?

When we met in 2014, it didn’t take too long before we started chatting about how amazing it would be to hone our skills and start creating our own video games together. After a trip to PAX East and brainstorming a bunch of off the cuff game ideas, we came home feeling insanely motivated. We’d binge game development talks on the couch from places like the GDC Vault or Extra Credits. Great resources from devs that cover a wide range of topics. Anything we could get our hands on to learn more tips and tricks in an effort to avoid as many amateur mistakes as possible (still going to totally make some). Getting discouraged by failure is probably the worst thing any of us could do on the road to success though. Forge onward friends!

What were we going to do/make?

It’s important to us to give back to everyone involved in this amazing industry. We want to be able to give gamers fun-filled experiences that they’ll remember (like we’ve had!). We also want to be able to give encouragement and support to our fellow game developers. A lot of our time is spent in isolated environments, clouds of self-doubt, and stress over funding. We should always take the time to use the power of the internet to share, encourage and create the best products possible.

Growing up with different video game experiences, we have a ridiculously wide range of genres that we love. Matt grew up loving early 3D platformers, strategy games, and JRPGs. On the flipside of that coin, Meg was raised on fighting games and survival horror before slipping into a love/hate relationship with MMOs.

Heroless Games is going to be a studio where we’re excited to explore different genres as we develop new titles. Don’t worry, we won’t be silly enough to tackle an RPG or an MMO (yet…anytime soon…never say never). We want to continue to challenge ourselves creatively and technically while paying homage to a variety of experiences we’ve grown up enjoying.

Finally, at the end of the day …we’re just excited to be here and bringing our ideas to life. Creating video games is something that just ignites our ambition and we want to share that with you. We’re just a little introverted and are always looking for new gamedev/gamer friends from anywhere in the world. If you want to know a little more about each of us, you can head over to meet the team.